Update From The Campaign. March 2, 2018

Joan Bray Endorses Mark Mantovani For St. Louis County Executive

“Mark’s executive experience eminently qualifies him for the job of County Executive. I like that he is thoughtful about his values and principles, and I appreciate that his ideology has evolved with time and experience, reflecting understanding and compassion toward others. His straightforward leadership approach will be a welcome change to the behind-the-scenes deals and dark motives currently plaguing our County government. That’s why I support Mark Mantovani as the Democratic nominee for St. Louis County Executive and I encourage you to support and vote for him as well.”

-Joan Bray

Former Democratic Missouri Senator and Representative

Consumer advocate, journalist, union leader and teacher

Joan is right, we need to imagine the possibilities of a County government free from the shady deals and pay-for-play mentality.

Rave Reviews for Mark’s First Campaign Ad for St. Louis County Executive

Since we debuted the campaign last week, voters and the St. Louis media are talking more and more about imagining the possibilities of a county government free from shady deals.

Mark Mantovani Officially Files For St. Louis County Executive.

Mark filled out the official paperwork on February 27 at the St. Louis County Government Center. Help us break the status quo by making an online donation. It’s time to do the right thing, not the same old thing.

Thank you for your support.